Rabble Rabble - enough is enough

Paper cut out collage music video for the Chicago band Rabble Rabble. A societal breakdown due to over saturation of phone apps and narcissism.

RABBLE RABBLE "Enough is Enough" from their 2016 release "Composure" released by Eye Vybe Records


Sweet Cobra: Botchy Vasquez Vocals / Bass Robert Lanham Jr. Guitar Jason Gagovski Drums / Cymbals

Production Design: Botchy Vasquez Props and Masks: Christine Ciarleglio Camera Assistant: Molly McCandless Direction and Animation: Katie Kapuza

Exclusive Premiere

Split Feet - Selective Mommery

music from Split Feet

video made with "feminine" machines and thrift store toys

Exclusive Premiere


music Che A.H. Arthur – guitar, vocal Kortland Chase – guitar Pete Croke – bass Adam Reach – drums

video by Katie Kapuza and Molly McCandless

chaos and calm: transitions

Transitions is a study in 24 hours of calm and chaos and calm. A collaboration between screen print street artist Tara Zanzig and animator Katie Kapuza, this represents both artists and the feelings of moving through the day and night without thought of routine or purpose. The sun salutation is a comment on the yoga and body art of Tararchy. Each of the 24 sun salutations represent one hour out of a day. Within these "hours" the 12 poses are transitioned within themselves, sometimes over lapping with other "hours" to create a build up of the subconscious garbage that collects unknowingly in our minds throughout a day.